Laser Engraving


Stippling and logos done with laser precision.  Want a unique stipple pattern?  We'll create it for you!  (Some frames not compatible with laser engraving)



Customize your firearm while offering it increased hardness, scratch resistance and rust prevention.  

KG Gunkote


Like Cerakote, KG Gunkote offers customization and protection for your firearm.  The application process allows for more versatility in colors and patterns. 



Hyrdrodipping places a preset pattern on your firearm via water transfer.  There are so many pattern options available you're bound to find something that suits you.  Top it with a Cerakote or KG Gunkote clear to get the added protection!

Trigger Undercuts


Available for Glock pistols, a Trigger Undercut allows for the primary and (optionally, in double or full) support hand to obtain a higher grip on the pistol. The benefits include better fit for the individual, easier manipulation of controls and a lower bore axis which softens the vertical muzzle rise.

Finger Groove Removal


Another method to improve the feel of your Glock in your hand, we can remove the finger grooves.  Don't forget to stipple for grip!